Estate Agents

We have the answer to your question

Buying or selling a house is often bound up with lots of questions and uncertainties:

What’s a reasonable price? When’s the right time? Has the mortgage been arranged? That’s when it’s good to have a professional at your side who can answer your questions competently and who has access to an extensive network. We’ll advice you based on more than 15 years of experience and outstanding references.

Our team consists of seven experts who are mainly located in the Ruhr region and who have optimal contacts in the region. All our agents are qualified real estate agents and certified by the chamber of commerce. Our team specialises in residential and commercial real estate for investment. We’ll advise you on planning your investment and together we’ll develop your personal strategy for increasing its value.

Our own properties, including residential and commercial buildings and owned flats, were acquired almost entirely through our network, and can only rarely be found on property portals. This is a sign of the good quality and reputation of Glück Auf Real Estate Projects.


Our goal is that everything runs smoothly – whether it’s buying, selling, letting out or renting properties. That means we make sure that all the documents you need are ready. We’ve got 15 years’ worth of extensive knowledge to draw on.


Buying or selling a house is probably not an everyday event for you – but it is for us! And that’s why we know exactly what bumps in the road to expect and how to navigate round them. We’ll escort you safely all the way from the advertising pictures to marketing the property to checking the sales contract with the notary to the final hand-over.


As estate agents we have contact with both property owners and those looking to buy, and so we can quickly work out who would be right for which property. And so buying and selling the best property to the right buyer can be profitable for both parties.


Looking for the right buyer or the right property on real estate websites can turn out to take longer than you originally thought. With our pool of checked interested parties with good credit, we can sell your property promptly and at a profit.