Property Management

We manage properties responsibly

We bring a new concept to property management, making it simple, understandable and transparent. The Glück Auf Group now has a variety of properties which are project-managed by our own property managers. In addition, we also possess a growing portfolio of real estate. Our tenants can feel confident that we take our responsibilities seriously.

Our residential and commercial buildings are managed in such a way that high, regular yields can be achieved – and that over the long-term. We make sure that owners and tenants always know what’s going on with their property and so have more time for the important things in life. We take care of our properties!

Since our real estate portfolio has continued to grow in recent years and is still being added to, we are currently unable to take on the management of any buildings we do not own ourselves.


Glück Auf Property Management can look back on more than ten years’ experience. This knowledge combined with our team’s qualifications produces expertise which can ensure our properties are professionally managed. Our team consists of professionals in real estate who know that only satisfied tenants make a property valuable.

Active Management

Our goal is to optimise all aspects of our properties. For us, active management means reducing costs, saving time and retaining or increasing the value of our properties. We don’t just put a sticky plaster on problems but act sustainably looking ahead to the development of rental prices and the maintenance of the buildings.

Special Conditions

The Glück Auf Group invests several million Euros in high-quality renovations and real estate construction every year. This produces advantageous cost savings on materials and special conditions with regional subcontractors which we pass on to our owners and tenants.

Set Prices

We at Glück Auf Property Management work with various packets of services and set prices which makes everything very transparent. Our tenants know what the fixed costs are. We discuss every item in a personal consultation with them so that our tenants can always follow what services we’re providing.